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A quiet confidence born of the finest local ingredients and craftsmanship.

From Little Creatures, whose origin story begins in the US before receiving a uniquely Australian spin, through to the 100% locally sourced and distributed Furphy, each beer in the Australia Collection represents the robust, world-beating state of the local craft beer industry.

Sample some of the best craft beer Australia has to offer, with a fascinating story in every drop. This pack contains 6 beers - 1 bottle of each style to sip and savour. Includes premium packaging with tailored design to suit each collection (as pictured)

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In the search for the truly special, it is not the loudest voices you should seek out. Rather, turn your attention to those whose efforts are focused on the enterprise at hand, quietly confident the results will speak for themselves. From a nation whose achievements surpass its relatively modest size, it is passion and artistry that counts, and the Australia collection represents this ethos. A finely crafted mix of bold, innovative and experimental flavours, each beer tells a distinctly Australian story.

Curated for you by our MoCu brewers, this collection features: Kosciuszko Pale Ale; Furphy Ale; James Boag’s Wizard Smith Pale Ale; Little Creatures Pale Ale; Malt Shovel Brewers The Hoppy Heffe; Southwark Stout.


1 x Kosciuszko Pale Ale, Kosciuszko Brewery, Sydney, Australia, 4.5%, 330ml 

1 x Furphy Refreshing Ale, Little Creatures Brewery, Sydney, Australia, 4.4%, 375ml 

1 x Wizard Smith, James Boags Brewery, Launcesten, Australia, 5.0%, 375ml 

1 x  Little Creatures Pale Ale, Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle, Australia, 5.2%, 330ml 

1 x Malt Shovel Brewers Hoppy Hefe , James Squire Malt Shovel Brewers, Sydney, Australia, 7.0%, 568ml 

1 x Southwark Stout, South Australia Brewery, Adelaide, Australia, 7.4%, 375ml 

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