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About The Product

The White Rabbit brewers tell us the story of their premium Popielno Blanc Cider
produced using the Champagne method. "Pierre was a dreamer; he liked to imagine and create without the shackles of conformity. In his resistance, he set out to create a cider in a method that would be lovingly aged in oak and carefully bottle aged in the secrecy of his cellars for years – until now. People began to talk and so grew the myth & legend. A cider so unique and rare, it has taken years to perfect. So with great anticipation we’ve been able to liberate a small amount of this legendary cider for your enjoyment … Viva Pierre le Popielno Blanc!"

White Rabbit Popielno Blanc
White Rabbit Brewery

Fermentation & Maturation Process

The Sturmer apple variety was chosen for this project due to the similar acidity of traditional Champagne grape varieties.

The juice was separated into several new French oak barriques/barrels (220L) for primary fermentation. Fermentation was conducted with a specially selected wine yeast. Fermentation was completed in temperature controlled conditions. This was completed and was consistent with the production of regular wines.

The cider was matured for 12 months on lees (yeast) following fermentation with no raking to separate the yeast from the cider.

The cider was clarified and blended into one batch and transported to Petaluma Winery in the Adelaide Hills for secondary fermentation. This was completed using traditional Champagne yeast.

Following the completion of the secondary fermentation the cider was then aged again in bottle on yeast lees for a further 12 months.

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