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About The Product

In a mountainous and snowy region of Japan lies the town of Karuizawa. Within these stunning natural surrounds, Yo-Ho Brewery has been producing exceptionally crafted beer, including Suiyoubi No Neko, utilising fresh water from Mt. Asama as part of the brewing process. The brewery uses slightly harder water than most due to its location at the foothills of a volcanic mountain, which Ide notes “adds to the depth of our beer flavours.” 

Suiyoubi No Neko is a simple, well-executed Belgian wheat beer. Light and refreshing, it tastes smooth, faintly fruity and offers hints of banana and citrus. As is common for the style, it also tastes yeasty and unfiltered, and is a fine example in the Yo-Ho range of the quality control that Mr Ide speaks of.

The Key Flavours

  • Light Citrus
  • Banana
  • Coriander

About The Brewery

Until 1994 the beer scene in Japan was dominated by four major producers who created mainly pale-coloured light lagers. However, the removal of strict laws that prevented small quantity production heralded the birth of a vibrant beer culture, which included the production of craft beer styles little known in Japan, like ales. Yo-Ho Brewery began brewing ales, like Yona Yona, with the intention of letting the Japanese people discover the rich and varied tastes of this style, and over time have perfected the artisanal practices required for ale production.

Suiyoubi No Neko 350ml
1 x Suiyoubi No Neko 350ml
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