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About The Product

A classic French farmhouse-style ale, saisons were first brewed in the French-speaking region of Belgium in the cooler months and then stored for drinking in summer. Indeed, saison means ‘season’ in French, so we have cleverly included Emerson’s Maison Saison as one of our sensational seasonal releases. And after one sip, you might find yourself asking what the French words for ‘delicious’, ‘moreish’ and ‘exceptional’ are. Of course, the good news today is that you don’t have to wait until next summer to try Maison Saison.

An irresistible blend of effervescence, fruit and spice are a match made in beer-drinking heaven as they combine with the complex yeast to create a flavour that will continue to evolve in the bottle. Mason, the talented brewer of this very special beer, deserves some recognition for his deft touch, so you might say we (almost) named the beer after him. We’re certain you won’t need to reach for a French dictionary when we describe Emerson’s Maison Saison as, quite simply, magnifique!

The Key Flavours

  • Slight Spice
  • Banana Aromas
Food Pairing Spicy ThaI

Foods packing punch

You can lift Emerson’s Maison Saison into another flavour-packed realm by pairing it perfectly with spicy Thai or Cajun food, or a wonderful aged Gouda. Bon appétit!

Maison Saison 500ml
1 x Maison Saison 500ml
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