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Your first instinct might tell you that beer and dessert is not a match made in epicurean heaven, however the sweetness we associate with dessert is also found in many beers. In malty beers you’ll enjoy notes of biscuits, nuttiness, caramel, butterscotch and toffee. Darker brews have chocolate and coffee notes, and yeast-driven beers release boldly fruity and spicy notes. The ability, then, to pair a beer with a dessert is far from daunting and the dessert world is in fact your oyster (or, perhaps more accurately, your sweet-flavoured treat!).

In the case of malt-driven White Rabbit Dark Ale, its flavours make it a delicious accompaniment for richer, chocolaty desserts. Subtle fruit notes are backed by stronger flavours of toffee, chocolate pudding and a reassuring bitterness. You can choose to match flavours in a more straightforward way, for example fruit with fruit or chocolate with chocolate, but you can also dazzle your guests by finding new complementary flavours to explore. White Rabbit Dark Ale’s caramel and cocoa hints will team flawlessly with a chocolate cake, while its delicious dark fruit and spice flavours will provide that knock-out complementary flavour hit.


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