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White Rabbit White Ale is a fabulous feast for your senses, with invigorating hints of coriander, juniper berry and bitter orange, along with fresh fruity aromas and a pine fragrance from Simcoe hops. This malty pale ale is created with top-cropping English ale yeast, a mix of flavoursome malts, a healthy dose of hops flowers, and the brewers’ fertile imagination.

Aromatics in beer can be achieved in three ways, through the yeast, hops and malt. Hops can be used to give the beer its bitterness or to impart an aroma and add a unique taste character. The use of certain hops, like Simcoe in White Rabbit White Ale, make it easy to create wonderful aromas, with an often grassy or herbaceous bouquet. Meanwhile, the yeast in this white ale gives off fragrant banana and clove characters. The end result is an aromatically engaging blend of the old and new world.


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