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This white beer draws upon unique Japanese ingredients, Yuzu citrus peel and Sansho pepper, spices which are becoming increasingly popular in sophisticated renderings of Japanese cuisine globally. The brewer, Natsuko Tsumadori, was on a mission to find the perfect white beer to match the exquisite flavours of Japanese food. From this unique approach to creating a new beer, Natsuko selected these two key ingredients and achieved the success she was looking for in matching Japanese dishes with a white beer. The citron feel in the beer provides a refreshing acidity with fruitiness, while the use of peppers introduces spicy notes, resulting in a flavour that is unique and gentle, while still surprising on the palate.

Natsuko is a talented brewer who skilfully embraces natural ingredients in the brewing process, like herbs, spices and fruits, as well as malt and hops. She fell in love with white beers when she started her brewing career, and Spring Valley Daydream is the culmination of a dream for her.


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