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London Porter is a full-flavoured drop with a creamy texture, toasty aroma, a hint of sweetness and inviting earthy hop notes.

Launching Emerson’s Brewery with a bang, London Porter continues to be a popular, full-flavoured drop in the brewery’s range. A modern interpretation of the oldest commercially brewed style, London Porter pours a deep brown colour with reddish tints, and the aroma is wonderfully toasty with a hint of sweetness and some earthy hop notes. Satisfyingly firm bodied without being heavy, you’ll enjoy the creamy texture combined with a dry palate full of roasted malt, coffee notes and a sustained bitterness. The name for this style of beer is thought to come from the London street and river porters in the 18th century who were partial to this type of beer, and after sampling Emerson’s London Porter we’re certain this will become a favourite of yours too.


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