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A stout that showcases all the classic characteristics of this style, Phantom Lord has been hopped just like an American Pale Ale.

Phantom Lord is a big, black stout that showcases all the classic characteristics of this style but is hopped in the same way as an American style pale ale. The malt grist features a combination of ale, roast barley, chocolate and crystal malts, with the addition of rolled oats to provide a smooth mouth feel. A luxurious depth has been added to the malty mouth feel by fermenting with English ale yeast. Each masterfully executed stage of the brewing process results in a stout with a complex array of satisfying malt balanced with the fruity, resinous hop aroma and flavour that beer drinkers find incredibly appealing. And the evocative name? That comes from pioneers just like Mr Emerson himself, heavy metal band Metallica and a song title from their game-changing first album. An achievement certainly worth raising a glass of Phantom Lord to.


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