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Indulge in a guided tasting that will intensify your enjoyment of an exceptionally crafted beer.

A finely brewed beer is its own reward, but now you have the opportunity to enhance your pleasure with MoCU’s Indulgence Collection and some intriguing pairings that might surprise you. As the season changes, embark on a tasting curated by MoCU’s brewers, your guides in the art of indulgence, where each carefully selected beer is perfectly matched to chocolate or cheese for an experience that heightens the flavours of each.

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Acclaimed brewer and cheese judge Chris Sheehan guides us through some cheese matchings to these fine beers

With the lager style of Kirin Ichiban go with a Brie or camembert. Soft Cheeses and lager are great place to start.

For the James Boag Epicurean Chris suggests trying a full-flavoured and crumbly cheddar like the King Island surprise bay cheddar.

Hoppy beers such as Little Creatures IPA will go great with a sumptuous traditional washed rind cheese  such as Tasmanian Heritage Red square washed rind. The earthy aromas will enhance the rugged bitterness of the IPA .

Firm bodied dark beers like Emerson's London Porter with its roasted malts and coffee notes, pairs perfectly with King Island Smoked Cheddar.

Malt Shovel Brewers limited release Karni Kolsch and their Interceptor Black IPA chris suggests some rich blue cheeses such as the full flavoured and sweet Roaring Forties or the Black Label triple cream.

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