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You don’t need to be a genius to see that Australians are fairly infatuated with rosé right now. And, as far as we’re concerned, we have good reason to be - it’s damn delicious. But, one could be forgiven for thinking that its soaring popularity is all down to instagram and its insistence on pink pastel backgrounds and dreamy #drinkswithaviewlandscapes. While the social media platform has definitely played a big part in the wines claim to fame, there’s a bit more to the rise of the pink drink than meets the eye. Here’s 5 (real) reasons everyone’s drinking rosé.

1. It’s far cheaper than many other wines

Because of the way it’s made, good rosé doesn’t need to be expensive. As history attests, the wine has never carried the same price tag likened to other varietals. Some of the best rosés from France, the rosé motherland, come in under $30 in Australia, Why? Because affordable rosé is very much accepted and even encouraged in most circles and the price point doesn’t dictate the flavour profile - thank goodness.

Will we see prices rise in the future as the wine continues to trend upwards? At MoCU we don’t think so. Meaning you’ll never feel pressured to pick the most expensive bottle off the virtual shelf when it comes to pink plonk. Check out our latest French additions here. 

2. It became an ‘IT’ drink for travel magazines in the 90s

Rosé is legitimately the OG of wines, simply because it was the first and has always been the easiest wine to make, but that’s not to say it was cool in the beginning - because it wasn’t. Rosé initially was frowned upon and this didn’t start changing till the late '90s when photographers began snapping celebrities sipping on rosé in luxurious locales throughout the south of France - of course.

From there, rosé AKA summer water began permeating cool cultures across the world. 

3. Younger generations have become more interested in wine

Recent interest and intrigue in becoming more educated about what you drink has meant a more open and explorative generation of drinkers globally. Millennials are more interested in understanding what their drinking and how that fits into their lifestyles. Research indicates, that with a consumption rate 21% above Gen X and Baby Boomers, millennials are more than powering this rosé revolution. And, you can expect to see even more pink posts peppering your social feeds this summer. 

4. More men are drinking rosé than ever before

Ten years ago, rosé in Australia was categorised as a drink skewed towards females because of its sweet nature, but just as culture has changed over time, so too have our wines. Rosé has come a long way since then, moving from a loathsome, sickly sweet variety to a fresh, crisp and tart wine. French Rosé in particular has proven a sensational day to evening wine. Of course, what we choose to drink has nothing to do with our genders, but today just as many men are choosing pink for its refreshing, sessionable nature.  

5. Celebrities are endorsing the pink drink

It would be remiss of us not to admit that a whole big chunk of rosé’s recent notoriety is due to its endorsement from celebrities and social media influences. After all there's a whole stack of celebs putting their names behind brands and labels and rosé is no different. Brad and Angelina, Drew Barrymore, Australian model, Bambi and husband Dan Single, founder of Ksubi, to name a few. Of course a dry, crisp rosé is near to fame enough for us at MoCU, but celebrities go a long way in the world of mass consumption, just ask the Jenners.

To be fair, most of us don’t really need an excuse or reason to drink rosé, particularly as the weather warms up. But, if you find yourself surrounded by anyone that needs some convincing, these 5 reasons should get them across the pink line just fine. 

So go ahead and get to know our latest imported French wines. 


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