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The Melbourne Cup, that glorious time of year where work stops at 12pm and the party starts shortly after. One of the few days where it’s not just accepted but expected to raise a glass before lunch. And at MoCu, we never pass up an opportunity to get together and pop some bottles. While not everyone can be trackside, it’s still important to prep a decent drinks list for the day. Here’s our picks for what to drink during the race that stops a nation.

Out of the gates with bubbles

It would be wrong to come straight out of the gate without a bit of gusto and nothing says I’m ready to run like some Champagne or sparkling. While you don’t need to sip on this all day, it’s nice to get your party together and cheers to what will hopefully be a fun and fruitful day ahead - even if you aren’t in the lead. And, if you’re thinking it’s a bit early to crack into the bubbles, don’t be afraid to add a splash of orange juice and ease into the festivities with a mimosa. 

Rosé all the way

Quite simply, if you’re lucky to get a sunny day, then you’d be hard pressed not to have some pink plonk on hand. If you ask us, a dry, pale and crisp Rosé is the real trifecta when it comes to Melbourne Cup - and you’re friends and guests will thank you. Cool, refreshing and great for session sipping, Rosé is the perfect day to evening wine. And, even if you’re down on your losses, with these French Rosés you’ll always walk away a winner.

Long day Lagers and Pale Ales

It’s no secret that the Melbourne Cup is a long day and just like any good stayer you need to pace yourself. Of course it goes without saying, that there should be some decent rounds of canapes or table snacks circling around the party with all the festivity in the air and drinks in hand. But, whether you’re hosting a sit down lunch, friends for a BBQ or you're simply huddled around the office TV, a nice cold lager or pale ale is the perfect bet when it comes to Melbourne Cup drinks. Light, smooth lagers and citrus pale ales will suit a variety of tastebuds and be sure to keep most satisfied throughout the long day.

Don’t neigh, just white wine

For a day generally known for its elegance, fashion and charm; a refreshing white wine certainly won’t go astray when it comes to the Melbourne Cup, no matter where you are. Whether it’s a dry and well-balanced Riesling or a fruity, lively Chardonnay - a chilled white wine makes a great glass to cheers to when the phillies cross the finish line.

Relax back with Red

Whether you’ve won or lost, we’re going to hazard a bet that at the end of the day you’ve had a pretty good time regardless. Now you’re steadily realising you’ve got to go to work tomorrow and need to start wrapping things up. Nothing signals winding down like a good, earthy red wine. Be sure to have a bottle of Syrah or Tempranillo ready to go when the time strikes

So go ahead make Cup day that little bit more special with the right accompaniment of premium beers and wines for a premium day.


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