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Continuing on our food & beer pairings escapade this past month, we recently collaborated with Bondi Harvest to bring you a bunch of delightful recipes using beer pairings from our Journey to Gastronomy curated beer Collection. Here's what the guys at Bondi Harvest had to say...and better still - what they made! Cue lusting after cozy comfort food & your good friend, beer.

Bondi Harvest

Winter food is better with beer, so we were pleased when our friends at MoCU sent us the Journey To Gastronomy collection with five types of beer to pair with some of our favourite recipes.  

MoCU delivers curated themed Collections, like the Journey To Gastronomy, as well as speciality beers and cider to your door – WINNING!

We’ve included some of our favourite winter warmer recipes below, including some dishes that can be perfectly paired with MoCU’s Journey To Gastronomy collection.

Slow Cooked Beef Osso Buco

On a cold winter’s night, you can’t beat slow cooked, tender beef Osso Buco on a smooth rich polenta. It sounds like a difficult recipe but it’s actually super simple. All it takes is a little time and believe me it’s worth the wait. Pair this dish with one of MoCU ‘s full bodied beer selections like the Interceptor IPA and winter doesn’t seem so terrible. Ha ha.

View the full recipe here  

Sourced via @Bondi Harvest

Beer Braised Wagyu Pie

When cooking with beer, quality does matter. Different beers, can give a beef pie completely different flavour profiles, so get creative and play around. Recently I’ve been ordering the Journey To Gastronomy collection from MoCU and the flavours have been EPIC! Cook it slow with the Little Creatures Brewery Pilsner and top it off with crispy, golden and delicious hot puff pastry.

View the full recipe here

Image source @ Bondi Harvest

Pork & Beef Meat Balls

Delicious pork and beef meatballs, which are made extra special by the wedge of triple cream jersey milk brie we popped in the centre. Cheesy, oozy goodness all washed down with one of MoCU‘s craft beers, we go for the James Boags Brewery Wizard Smith. Happy Days & Nights.

View the full recipe here

Image sourced @ Bondi Harvest

One Pot Roast Chicken

This recipe is a play on Southeast Asian flavours. It’s an idea I had to create a simple go-to mid-week meal that can feed a whole family with very little cleaning up afterwards!

It’s almost like making a coconut based curry without all the chopping to create the curry paste! This is the perfect recipe to add in one of MoCU‘s lagers like the Knappstein Vineyard Reserve Lager.

View the full recipe here

Image source @ Bondi Harvest

Cauliflower & Truffle Soup

Umm keen to try the easiest soup recipe you’ll ever make? This is it! We’ve converted many the cauliflower hater with this dish, so even if you’re not a cauliflower fan, we reckon you should give it a go anyway. Enjoy!

What are some of your favourite soups to warm up with when the cold weather hits? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll try and recreate a couple for you.

View the full recipe here

Image Sourced @ Bondi Harvest

Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Whole roasted vegetables are so easy to cook, and with a few tricks up your sleeve you can create incredibly tasty and healthy dishes. Roast your cauliflower crusted with spices on a bed of orange and the cauliflower becomes crunchy on the outside, yet steamed with orange juice in the centre OMG!

View the full recipe here

Image sourced @ Bondi Harvest

The Journey to Gastronomy Curated Collection

This article was originally published here  

This article was originally published on Bondi Harvest View the full recipe here 


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