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We have officially entered a new era of gift giving, one marked by the refreshing smell of hops and fermented grapes and comes delivered straight to your door. No more sweating through malls or visiting 5 different bookshops just to find that last hard copy of Plato’s Republic. Best of all, no longer is gifting wine or beer considered ‘taboo’ or dare we say it, the ‘safe gift’. Instead, it’s all about understanding how to choose the right wine or beer for the right person. Try these six tips when selecting the perfect tipple for your next giftee.

1. Do your research

A birthday, Mother’s Day, a simple thank you gift? There are zero things wrong with gifting alcohol, in fact it can actually be the ‘hero gift’ as long as you put your giftee front of mind when making your selection.

If you’re a little hazy on their particular drink of choice, think about their individual characteristics, the relationship you share with them and the craftsmanship behind every item. Maybe a light-bodied Chianti will re-ignite their deep love of Italy, or perhaps a birthday picnic would suit a curated selection of beers or ciders. Are they big on organic? Do they prefer local over imported? If you’re stuck, cast your mind back to your giftee’s favourite cuisine.

Don’t forget that research also means taking the time to plan and prep. When buying online factor in the time of delivery or else you’ll be giving the worst gift of all, nothing. 

2. Be tasteful and tasty

You can finally ditch the flashy bottles of champagne, go more niche and take someone’s tastebuds on a journey, away from the local and into the unknown. Why not introduce them to interesting whiskies, a rare bottle of Mezcal or some imported stout? The story is as much a part of the gift as the present itself.

3. Price isn’t everything

Being a great gift giver is by far an underrated talent. Sure, it has its pros and cons. Pros, you are invited to every celebration and everyone wants to receive a gift from you. Cons, everyone always wants to receive a gift from you. Naturally, this can break the bank, but it doesn’t have to.

Don’t always base your choice on price, go for unique and interesting picks that relate to your giftee and also tell a story. If you have to fit into a budget, that’s fine, there will be more options for your price point than you think, you may just have to look a little harder. Did we also mention there’s also no social faux pas on hitting the sale section?

4. Celebrate the occasion

The greatest thing about gifting wine or beer is that it can elevate the actual celebration on the day. Maybe you’re giving your mum a vibrant, snappy bottle of Chardonnay for Mother’s Day? There’s no better time to crack it than over dinner with family, we’re sure mum will enjoy that too. That being said, a collection or case of foodie curated beers can go a long way with a small crowd, like all the way to dessert. 

5. The rarer the better

No one wants to be that guy or girl that ‘just picked up the first thing they saw in the bottle shop”.  A rule of thumb when gifting alcohol is the rarer the better. Now, that sounds time consuming, inconvenient even, but thanks to a little thing called online shopping it’s quicker than a coffee break and it comes delivered.

Search for wine or beer that’s hard to find or access on the daily grind. Limited edition, imported or boutique drops that allow your giftee to expand their horizons are big winners in the present department. 

6. Packaging

Loud, showy gifts with flashy bows and streamers have thankfully been placed in the modern day gifting bin. The beauty of buying wine and beer is that its existing labels and packaging are made to be a big part of the experience, especially when it comes to online delivery. No need to worry about stocking up on tissue paper or twine.

Images Copyright MoCU 2017

At the end of the day, if you really want to win the wine and beer gifting games, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a particular occasion for you to treat someone. The best gifts are the unexpected ones and, of course, the ones you get to share in.

Peruse our specially curated beer collections for your next occasion or sign up to MoCU and get 15% off your first order. 


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