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We’re sure you know that we love our wines at MoCu. We love to drink them, savour them, cellar them and cook with them. Sometimes we even like to gift them, but we’re not too keen on boasting about them, after all our wines speak for themselves. Of course, there’s no shame in understanding wine, in fact it’s a skill many would like to call their own. But, there’s a fine line between loving your wines and being a ‘that person’. Here’s a few things to remember on your journey to becoming an oenophile (that’s fancy word for a wine connoisseur) so the next time you’re in public you won’t be labelled a wine snob.

Swirl and sniff, but do it discreetly

There’s something about someone loudly swirling, sniffing and sipping their wine in public which seems to automatically put a pretentious label on their back. Of course, swirling aerates the wine (draws oxygen into the wine) which then releases aroma and essentially makes the wine taste better or less acidic. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can do it subtly and get the same result. The trick is to keep your glass on the table, swirl once or twice and inspect from there.

Swirling your wine is also known as orbital shaking, but for the love of your social life please don’t use this term at the dinner table.

Pay attention to what you like

It’s great to try a range of different wines to figure out what you like. As you drink, you'll come to associate specific flavours with specific types of wine. This is your first step to figuring out what you like and what you don't. The thing is, you probably don’t need to talk about it unless the conversation beckons it.

On one hand, sometimes it’s nice to be the person amongst a group that knows about wine. You get to be the guy or girl that orders the bottle for the table and everyone will love you for it, but that’s about as far as it goes. Unless they ask, they probably don’t want you to explain the history, viticulture and complexities of the chosen wine. And they certainly don’t want to hear your over the top wine lingo. 

Keep your language relatable

Just like when a rocket scientist starts speaking to friends about various elements of metaphysics, it’s hard to maintain engagement when trailing off about the legs and tannin in your glass. So, instead of using wine jargon when describing a particular wine, break it down to its basic components – appearance, smell, taste – rather than using foreign wine terms. This angle may also invite others to begin enjoying their wine in the same way, empowering them to form their own judgments, rather than leaving them confused or intimidated.

Go to wine festivals with an open mind and empty glass

Let’s remember that you’re still here to learn about wine. Semillon, Chardonnay, Pinot, Merlot, Cabernet, Shiraz - we want all the colours of the wine rainbow and a great place to find them all (in a non-threatening environment) are wine festivals.

Wine festivals, where local wineries show off their best and most popular bottles, are laden with not only amazing drops to try but you’ll most likely get access to winemakers - usually the least pretentious of the lot. Sometimes you’ll also get to taste for free, what more can you ask for?

Wine festivals are the place for a wine rookie to learn a lot, taste a lot, and have a good time without falling down the cracks of wine snobbery

There are no rules in wine drinking

At the end of that day, there are no rules in wine drinking. No one can really tell you what you do and don’t taste, nor can you be ‘that guy’ that tells them what they should be finding in their wine.

You just have to dive in, sip down and trust yourself and your palate to be able to tell what's good and what’s not.

Why not start here, with our latest collection of wines.


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