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Spring has sprung! And with much of Australia shivering through the coldest nights in more than a decade, we can’t say we’re sorry to see winter go. In spring, it feels like the world has pushed the reset button and a whole new range of possibilities open up – including in your fridge. Now is the time to farewell the cosy stouts, rich merlots and warming whiskies that have gotten you through the past few months. Instead, say hello to blush rosés, crisp whites, fruity cocktails and ice cold beers. Oh spring, how we've missed you.

1. Hooray for Rosé

The future of wine is decidedly pink – In the past, rosé was known for being sickly sweet and…well…not very good. But the new breed is light, bright and incredibly easy to drink. Provence leads the way, producing beautifully blush varietals from vineyards in the sunny south of France.

Across the Tasman, New Zealand’s oldest winemaking region, Hawke’s Bay, is moving away from big bold reds and into a lighter colour palette. Trinity Hill’s fresh, elegant 2016 rosé is spring in a bottle, with flavours of strawberries and cream, redcurrant and delicate florals.

2. La dolce vita with Aperol Spritz

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment that the Aperol Spritz became the drink for spring, but let’s say 2013. The savvy Italians have known about it for decades. Invented in Venice in the 1950s, there’s something quintessentially stylish about an Aperol Spritz and now you can’t walk into a bar (or open up your Instagram feed) without seeing a dozen of them. The mix of Aperol, prosecco or sparkling wine, and a splash of soda makes for a seriously refreshing cocktail that’s perfect for the warmer weather.

So channel your inner Sophia Loren and live la dolce vita in your own backyard with an Aperol Spritz (or two).

3. Golden moments with crisp Pilsners

Sparkling and golden with distinctive floral aromas and a light spicy finish, pilsners are the beers you need this spring. They bring together the thirst-quenching quality of a lager with the interesting palate and hoppiness of a craft beer. Pilsners pair perfectly with grilled meats or light spring dishes that could be overwhelmed by a stronger beer. Put a few bottles of Macs Hoprockers on ice for your first barbecue of the season and wait for the compliments to roll in..

4. A little French chic with Marsanne Viognier

In springtime, France’s Rhone Valley has its own signature scent that’s known as garrigue. The air is rich with an intoxicating mix of sweet flowers, spicy herbs and piney shrubs. Sounds delicious, right? Now imagine you can capture that scent in a bottle and you’ve got a Marsanne Viognier. It’s an exotic, aromatic wine with a gentle sweetness and slippery mouthfeel that will instantly transport you to the warm French countryside.

If you can’t get that far, New Zealand’s Trinity Hill does an excellent southern hemisphere interpretation.

5. Zooper Dooper flavoured beers....yes please

Sometimes you just want to have a bit of fun, and that’s where Karni Kolsch comes in. Remember Zooper Doopers, the colourful ice blocks that were always a staple of the freezer for the warmer months? The clever crew down at Malt Shovel Brewers has come up with a way to combine Fairy Floss Zooper Doopers with one of our other favourite things – beer!

Karni Kolsch has a slight pink tinge and a subtle vanilla aroma that will make you feel as though you’re eating fairy floss in the dusky streets of a spring carnival.


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