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The last drink of the night is a real make or break. The idea is that the tipple you choose will perfectly cap off your day and get you warm and ready for bed. There’s something to be said for a drink that allows you to end a long day on a lighter note. Now, it’s not the 1950s, so we don’t need to go as conventional as brandy or benedictine, but it is something that requires either a little bit of thought or a well-stocked liquor cabinet. Here’s 5 nightcaps to try on your next evening in.


Cognac is smooth, delicate and a snifter of it will set you up with that photo finish for the night. The well versed will say to upgrade your go to bottle of Cognac to an XO (extra old) which is made only from eau-de-vie at least six years old. It’s a great choice if you’ve been sitting on wine most of the night.

But be warned, if you’re going to end your night on a drop of Cognac you really have to be honest with yourself. Are you really ready to end your night? If you aren’t, more than a few of these original sipping spirits may put you in a sore spot the next day. Because once you go Cognac, you don’t go back.


If you’ve been passing around the beers most of the night it can be difficult to switch to an aperitif or a spirit when it’s coming to a close. And sure, ending the night on a beer seems unconventional, but at the end of the day, so are we, plus beer is delicious.

A great beer to end on is the iconic Porter. The dark coffee and chocolate flavours often found in a Porter make for the perfect drink to round out your night. It can even double as dessert or pair with it if you’re that way inclined.


While a nightcap, or the last drink, is generally designed to signal to the brain that the party is over, it can be hard for the rest of the body to grasp. Enter the Negroni.

Sipping on this soothing mix of campari, gin and sweet vermouth will always satisfy. It provides warmth from the inside out and is beautiful and bitter. It is one of the most iconic aperitifs of our modern day. And, while many are known to use it as their wind up drink, the Negroni is classically the perfect wind down tipple. 

Red wine

There are few things more comforting than red wine when the weather turns unforgivingly cold outside. And let’s be honest, when it comes to nightcaps, few of us are going to have a bottle of port on hand. If you’re partial to sipping on a few glasses of wine after work and before bed, like every other human, then it’s good to transition to something a little more earthy, with lots of tannin, before it’s time to clean the teeth.

Try an Australian Cabernet or Sonoma Pinot Noir.


Ah whisky, drinking it is as if someone has lit a little fire at the back of your throat and simultaneously hugged you from the inside. It is a sophisticated spirit unrivalled by many in the nightcap department, the perfect partner to slide into a supreme snooze.

Most would say go for whisky neat when it comes to last drinks, something top shelf and even smokey. But, if you want to get fancy at home you can also go for a whisky cocktail like a Hot Toddy or Manhattan.

Just remember, at the end of the day, the nightcap can become a vicious cycle if you don’t stop at one. As the rule goes, ‘keep it petite for a good night’s sleep’. Then again, we’re not much for rules either.

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