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Tom Champion

Lead Brewer, Little Creatures Hong Kong


Hailing from Fremantle, the home of Little Creatures, it may seem like fate that Tom Champion has found his way to Hong Kong as Lead Brewer of the Little Creatures brewery located in the Kennedy Town area of that vibrant city.

However Tom’s route to brewing wasn’t a direct one, earning a degree in Chemical Engineering first and heading straight into mining, a customary path for young graduates of his course in Perth at that time.

He soon discovered that the mining game wasn’t for him, and a passion for beer and brewing that had previously been buried began to emerge. As a Fremantle local, Tom knew and loved Little Creatures’ beers and was impressed with the welcoming atmosphere they had created in the old crocodile farm they had made their home.

An ad for a junior brewer gave Tom his first opportunity to bring his passion to life but the Creatures team weren’t quite convinced yet. Fortunately Tom didn’t give up and started studying brewing by correspondence. When another junior brewer role came up up six months later, Tom was successful and was now on his way.

Working in all areas of the brewery he rapidly built his knowledge and experience, so when the opportunity arose to support the establishment of the Little Creatures Brewery in Geelong in 2012, Tom was up for the challenge and moved east. After the project was successfully completed, he stayed on as Brewing Manager.

In 2016, Tom was offered the exciting role of Head Brewer of Little Creature’s first brewery outside Australia in Hong Kong. Landing in a passionate community of craft brewers is a dream job for Tom, and he is happily sharing Little Creatures’ love of hoppy beers with locals who care about beer as much as he does. 

As a Fremantle boy growing up in the home of Little Creatures, it may seem like fate that Tom Champion has landed his dream job as Lead Brewer at Little Creatures Hong Kong, sharing his passion for brewing with like-minded locals.

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