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Jeremy Halse

Head Brewer, White Rabbit Brewery


It all started with a simple hand-me-down homebrew kit for a young Jeremy Halse. He knew early on that brewing was more than just a hobby, so when he travelled Europe he paid special attention to what was about to become his passion and his career – beer.

While living in Holland, Jeremy unearthed a whole other word of craft beer. Expanding his beer repertoire from VB and Carlton Cold to Westmalle and Leffe, he discovered his love for Belgian beer styles.

Upon his return to Australia, Jeremy saw a gap in the craft beer market, especially in the Belgian styles he was interested in, so he laid the groundwork. He did a short course in brewing at Ballarat University where he met a group of friends who were starting a small brewery called Buckleys Beer in Yarra Valley.

He volunteered with Buckleys Beer for two years while furthering his studies in brewing, as well doing additional courses in science and chemistry.

Jeremy’s first full-time role in brewing was at Stockade Brewery in Dandenong South, primarily contract brewing for Matilda Bay. He went on to work there four years after it was bought by Fosters to became MBBS Garage Brewery.

In 2009, Jeremy took on the role of Head Brewer at White Rabbit, overseeing the relocation of their brewery from Healesville to Geelong, and he hasn’t looked back. 

“I’m particularly passionate about traditional Belgian styles especially those involving wooden vats and indigenous microflora like wild yeast and bacteria.”
— Jeremy Halse

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