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Chris Sheehan

Acclaimed Craft Brewer, Beer & Cheese Judge


Chris Sheehan is the Head Brewer of the Malt Shovel Brewery, a hotbed of innovation in Sydney’s Inner West. He has a singular vision for the brewery, with creativity and craft the foundation upon which every beer is brewed.

Chris’ passion for running Malt Shovel as a microbrewery filters down throughout the entire team, with each brewer having the freedom to explore their craft and experiment with bold flavours. He encourages everyone to look at what they can do better  and how they can go from good to great.

Legendary brewer Chuck Hahn notes that Chris is not only a good team player but also a great team leader, and he’s had the experience of running a small brewery as well as a large brewery too. This background helps create an environment that is both dynamic and inventive.

The responsibility for overall beer quality across the brewery’s entire output rests with Chris. “I’ve tasted a number of beers with Chris over the years and he’s got a very good palate,” says Chuck. His refined palate helps inform the beers the Malt Shovel Brewery is renowned for.

Chris embodies a dedication to the art of brewing, while also possessing a full knowledge of the science of brewing, an invaluable combination.

By empowering the team to be creative and to push the boundaries within the walls of the brewery, David Mullins, a James Squire brewer, believes that Chris is the complete package. “He’s very approachable, he’s very intelligent, and has a great nose and palate.”

With Chris at the helm of the Malt Shovel Brewery, sharing his love and experience of brewing, the sky is the limit as to how good the entire team and the beers they brew can be. 

“Chris empowers us to be creative and we really do try and push the boundaries within that world, and he really gives us the freedom to create within that space.”
— Daniel Feist, James

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