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Brett Newman

Innovation Brewer, Little Creatures Fremantle


Brett’s career was meandering in different directions before he realised a simple truth - he was happiest when doing something he was passionate about.

He studied aviation at university and endured a series of uninspiring retail jobs before setting off to see the world, eventually settling in England. It was during those three years in England that he experimented with a few home brews and the seeds of his passion were sown.

Admittedly, the beers weren’t up to the standard Brett would one day achieve, but it sparked a fire in him to shift gears. The path ahead wasn’t easy but Brett never looked back. The reality of being a brewer may not have been quite as romantic as imagined. It wasn’t all about drinking beers and pouring pints at beer festivals. In fact there was cleaning - a lot of cleaning.

At one point, he worked two part-time jobs as an assistant brewer and started a Post Graduate Diploma in Brewing Science at Edith Cowan University, which left very little time to spend with his wife and daughter.

Undeterred, he pursued a job at the packaging line with Little Creatures. By this point, he had learned about the importance of quality raw materials, cleaning and sanitation, disciplined brewing techniques and fermentation management. What he had not been exposed to was the process of putting the beer in a bottle.

For Brett, there is no greater motivation than learning something new. After three months at packaging, he helped the Creatures open their Geelong brewery and became their Innovation Brewer.

When it comes to beer, Brett is passionate about quality. More than just flavour profile, he loves the beer-making process – the way it has been crafted and packaged to create a faultless beer, just as the brewer intended. 

“The aspect that I love the most about being a brewer is the fact that I will never know all there is to know about brewing. I learn something new every single day.”
— Brett Newman

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