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Andy Scade

Brewer, Little Creatures Fremantle


Andy Scade fell in love with beer and brewing while doing his degree, majoring in History and minoring in Ancient History. His heart, however, was not set on events of the past but rather looking to a future of brewing beers for a living. Andy went back to study brewing before landing his job at Little Creatures and has now been with the brewery for 11 years.

Some of his best memories at the Creatures involve hashing out recipe ideas with his fellow brewers. They sit down, beer in hand and argue about style, specifications, malt, hops, yeast and all the fun stuff to get a good recipe together – some recipes a little more unusual than others.

This year, Andy and the team brewed Gose, an obscure German beer using table salt, which is a strange thing as a brewer to add to beer, but if you get the balance right, it makes for a beautifully refreshing drop.

When it comes to breweries that inspire, Andy loves the history, tradition and integrity of classic European breweries (like Timothy Taylor and Cantillon), the ideas of American breweries (like Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Ninkasi, and Stone) and the passion and innovation of his friends at Australian breweries (like Two Birds, Feral and Pirate Life). 

As for Little Creatures, there is no shortage of opportunities to apply your passion to what you do. Next on the cards, Andy is helping bring to life his fellow brewers’ winning recipe from their home brew competition. He is also looking forward to experimenting with parti-gyle brewing, an old method of making several beers out of one very strong mash, that he has become obsessed with. 

“Usually we sit down with a beer in hand and argue…to get a good recipe together. Then everyone goes away and thinks about it, changes their minds and starts arguing again! At some point in the process we agree on the beer and order the raw materials.”
— Andy Scade

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